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Common Questions During Matching
Common Questions During Matching

Questions we get asked a lot during the Matching Stage

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Here are answers to some follow-up questions you might have. Feel free to hit us up whenever. Looking forward to getting you onboarded real soon!

Candidate Selection Call

How long do I have to wait before I get invited to a Candidate Selection Call?

The initial wait time for getting a Candidate Selection Call varies — anywhere from two days to never.

Most of our Partners are small to medium-sized businesses, so growth is not crazy. Although we’re getting a constant stream of potential Partners coming in to try and do business with Go2. On the other hand, we have a lot more applicants coming in from organic channels from all around the world.

With that, with so many great people applying for a job, and with limited job opportunities, we’re not going to get everybody on an interview as fast as we want, at the moment. This means, not everybody is going to get a job through Go2.

Being in our candidate pool doesn’t guarantee work, and although Go2 is working hard to create more opportunities for people — it won’t be instant.

What if I don't get feedback from the Matching Team about my interview?

Getting feedback is really important to help you improve your interview skills, and we are happy to provide you with feedback on how you performed here on literally anything.

We aim to provide feedback/an update within 1-2 days after the Candidate Selection Call.

If you haven’t gotten feedback from the Matching team within the time frame, reply to the representative in Matching that you have been in communication with and ask them for feedback.

If they don't get back to you within a reasonable amount of time, keep following up until you get an answer -- you'll be surprised how banging on pots and pans works wonders.

Can I reject a Partner that is proposed by the Matching Team?

Yes. You can opt to not be interviewed by a Partner you are matched with. We just ask that you be proactive, communicative, and, most importantly, honest with our Matching Team about your job preferences.

We generally discourage people from rejecting or declining a Partner invitation unless there's a good reason for doing so.

Even if you have reservations, it might still be worthwhile to get on that call and see what the Partner has to offer.

How many chances do I have at doing the Candidate Selection Call?

If you’re showing up and the Matching Team believes you are a great fit for a candidate pool, you have as many chances as you want.

We try to never arbitrarily limit your potential to do great work.

It's been a while since my last Candidate Selection Call. Should I continue waiting for Go2 or look for another job?

Being in our candidate pool does not guarantee a job. We encourage candidates to continue looking for other opportunities outside of Go2 while waiting for a partner interview — especially if you have been waiting for more than a week.

Would lowering my rate help speed up the matching process?

Even if you drop your rate, that doesn't mean you'll get profiled or hired faster. Your asking rate is a direct reflection of what makes you happy and keeps you going. We'd love to give you the rate you're asking for, but we don't want to limit your options if other companies could pay you what you're asking for.

If you've been waiting in the pool for at least a week, your best course of action is to look at other opportunities.

Could the Candidate Selection Calls be done on the weekend?

The schedule for these selection calls depends on the partner's availability. We know that things can come up that might make it hard for you to be on these calls. If that's the case, we'll work with the partner to see if they can meet your needs, but it will most likely still happen during their business hours.

Pay and Benefits

Can I change my asking rate while I am being matched with a Partner?

No. Not while you are in the middle of the matching process.

During your interviews with the Vetting Team (aka before you get endorsed to Matching), you would have settled on your asking rate. It's important, to be honest about how much your rate is.

If you get hired and do a good job, you may be able to get a higher rate because we do regular performance reviews.

Are the rates different for each partner?

The rate is what you asked for during your interview with the Vetting Team. We do performance reviews so that you have a chance to get paid more if you do your job well.

How do I get paid?

We partner with Deel for processing payroll. You can learn more about Go2's payroll process here.

What are the benefits of Go2?

Go2 provides Paid-Time-Offs and Holidays as well as providing mental well-being assistance to our team members by partnering with MindNation.

Employment Status

What happens if the partner decides to leave?

This sometimes happens, and when it does, we’ll work with you on getting you another home as long as you don’t have any performance and/or reliability/accountability issues.

Can I have multiple partners/jobs?

You work full-time with one partner through us. Moonlighting or working on other jobs that would affect your ability to be focused and present during your full-time job with us may lead to termination.

Do I get trained for the job when I get selected?

When you get selected by a partner, you will undergo a 2-day Basic Training where we will onboard you internally to Go2. During your Basic Training, you will be trained on Go2 protocols, tools, policies, benefits, etc. After that (i.e., on your third day), you will be endorsed to the partner and start your training with them.

How do I refer someone to Go2?

That's awesome! We would like to meet them too! You can tell them to use the same link you used to send in their application.

For now, our referral program is only for people who are already Go2 teammates. Even if the person you referred gets a job at Go2, you won't get any bonuses.


Do you use any time-tracking tools?

Yes, we use a custom app called Go2 Desktop App as a time-tracking tool for payroll purposes. We use tools that help us support you and your partner for process-improvement purposes and, ultimately, support you in becoming a better version of yourself.

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