Vision & Protocol

An overview of Go2's vision, Protocol, Mission, and Value Proposition.

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The Vision: A Meritocratic World

We leverage the internet to empower individuals. As humans, we have a long way to go, but we are slowly moving toward a more meritocratic world. Go2 exists to help speed up the process.

The Mission: Same Page, Turn Page, Repeat.

🌏 Get Members around the world working together and on the same page

πŸ“– Challenge Members to turn that page together

πŸ” Repeat

The Strategic Pillars: Connect, Challenge, Assist

We have a simple departmental structure based on a simple operational strategy.

Connect: Care personally about each other and operate as a cohesive unit.

Challenge: Push each other to do more than what's "expected."

Assist: Build technology that unlocks an infinite capacity to assist in continued shared growth.

Our Value Proposition

At Its Core: We elevate talent and in turn elevate value creation, at scale

For Partners: A good team that gets the job done

For Teammates: A path to opportunities based on merit

For Everyone: A better system for working together

The Go2 Protocol

βš™οΈ We Show Up

βš™οΈ We Speak Up

βš™οΈ We Fuck Up

These principles guide us from our everyday decisions to our highest-level strategy development. When a team that works together combines the Go2 Protocol with their Partner's values, value is created for everyone involved.

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