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We Create Our Own Opportunities
We Create Our Own Opportunities

As no one is going to create your next opportunity for you

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We Create Our Own Opportunities

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

The late Neil Peart

What the “great” Neil was saying here is either you make things happen, or they happen to you. Don’t go blaming anyone for your failure and don’t let anyone take credit for your success. Both are yours.

No one is going to create your next opportunity for you. You need to create it for yourself.

Our Protocol ensures that our Teammates, Partners, and internal teams make more money - but that's because we’re a part of Go2. We share in the successes of our Protocol. There are no handouts.

We exist to create a more merit-based world (see Vision).

We exist to support people who are stepping into their roles, owning outcomes, and developing themselves.

We exist to support you as you create opportunities for yourself.

The easiest way to be successful at a job is to work your way out of it, even if you want to stay in that role. In practice, that means focusing on improving your day-to-day work approach so that you will have the qualifications and confidence to reach for bigger, better-paying jobs...or to just be invaluable and well paid in the role you have.

By leaning into the Go2 Protocol — Showing Up, Speaking Up, Fucking Up, and Trusting the Process, you are preparing yourself for new opportunities at Go2 or anywhere elsewhere for that matter.

We are active in our own rescue, we don’t “hope” something good will come along. We make it happen.

Nobody can define what “growth” or “opportunity” mean to you, you have to choose to define those things for yourself as well. Thanks, Neil.

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